Hamburgers-"A general discussion"

“Difference between a great one and an OK one”

Do's and Don'ts of Grilling

Grilling is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Corned Beef

How is corn used in making corned beef? 

Meat Selection

Don't go "on the cheap", buy good meat.......

Wine & Barbecue??

When we think barbecue the beverage of choice that usually comes to mind is beer.  An old saying at GrillBillies is that "one of the B's in BBQ" must stand for beer.

The Importance of Salt in Grilling and Smoking

For many years salt has been getting a lot of bad press. Just as with anything else, an over indulgence in the use of salt can cause health problems. Some of these causes can be due to the fast pace we live and the tendency to eating fast and processed foods.

Smoking a Turkey

It seems that turkey cooking has been relegated to the busiest holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. That shouldn’t be so. When smoked it makes for a great meal and when chopped up makes some fantastic barbecue.

Roasting a Pig on a Meadow Creek PR Series Gas Roaster

Place the roaster away from anything flammable.
Coat the cooking grate with spray cooking oil.
Remove the cooking grate from the roaster and place the pig on it.
Optional-inject the butts and hams with Butcher Pork Injection.

Roasting a Pig on a Meadow Creek PR Series Charcoal Roaster

If possible, place the roaster in an area where it is somewhat protected from the wind. Also away from anything flammable.


Layering two or three seasonings that complement each other is a powerful, easy and inexpensive way to up the results of your barbecuing cooking. The process is to identify off the shelf seasoning that have some synergy when “layered” one on top of the other. By doing so you are sensitizing all areas of the tongue providing an outstanding and amazing flavor profile. One seasoning can only be one dimensional. Two can quadruple the flavor profile. Three matched perfectly can make for an outstanding flavor profile that will “up” your BBQ experience dramatically without changing anything else.
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