Do's and Don'ts of Grilling

Grilling is a great way to spend time with family and friends. If you grill enough, there are times when somethings can go afoul.  When this happens it takes away from the wonderful grilling experience.

So, hear are some things to avoid:


Meat sticking to the grill:

Don't-oil the cooking grate

Do-oil the meat


Direct/Indirect Grilling:

Don't-grill all meats direct

Do-learn which food requires direct and indirect grilling


Flare ups:

Don't-throw fatty meats over direct heat

Do- an indirect cook for these meats



Don't-over season

Do-season but still taste the meat; season to compliment the meat


Meat doneness:

Don't-assume you know when the meat is done

Do-use an instance read thermometer


Grill temperature:

Don't-get the entire grill the same temperature

Do-set aside a cool area on the grill as a safe zone


Grill Cleaning:

Don't-avoid cleaning the grill

Do-thoroughly clean your grill a couple to 3 times during the season



Don't-sauce in the beginning of the cook

Do- sauce when the meat is fully cook, put back on, low heat, to set sauce


Lighter fluid:

Don't-use lighter fluid to light charcoal

Do-use one of the many natural fire starters available


Cooking a variety of foods:

Don't-throw them all on at the same time

Do-determine the timeline for cooking each item



Don't-skewer different variety of foods on one skewer

Do-food on a skewer that have the same cooking time



Don't-let thin cuts of meat rest

Do-let thicker cuts rest to redistribute juices



Don't-skimp and have only one propane tank or bag of charcoal

Do-keep spare available so you don't end up in an embarrassing situation



Don't-put cooked meat on the same platter that was used when it was raw

Do-cover the plate with foil, place the raw meat on the foil, when the meat is cooked remove the foil











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