How To's

Silver Skin

Unlike collagen, silver skin does not dissolve during the cooking process

How to produce good smoke

This is one of the more important questions to be addressed when smoking.

How to cook with an all wood fire

How to prevent or rid my smoker or grill of mold

Mold is a natural phenomenon in smokers and grills.

How to light a charcoal fire without using lighter fluid

At GrillBillies, we use these methods:

How to Remove the Membrane on Pork Ribs

There is a “rubbery” membrane on the backside of pork ribs.

How to get the maximum amount of smoke into meats

The method of getting the maximum amount of smoke into meat

How to get a nice deep brown color on meats, such as bark and burnt ends

To create those delicious morsels of crispy deep brown nuggets found on that perfectly cooked steak and brisket,

How to do an "indirect cook" on a gas grill

How to achieve a smoke ring on barbecued meats

The science behind this will only bore you, so here is a simplistic discussion.
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