GrillBillies SCA Chili Cookoff Rules

General rules

  1. Chili can be with or without beans. Chili must be a chili and any entry that is not can be banned from the competition.
  2. Chili can be cooked in advance of the contest and brought to the contest and reheated to a minimum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. You we be responsible for using your own heat source. No power will be available. You can bring your own generator.
  4. Chili must be served over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be checked before the start of People’s Choice. Upon passing the temperature check you will be able to serve for the People’s Choice. Note: We will be randomly monitoring teams temperatures of their chili during the event. If found below 140 degrees Fahrenheit you will have to stop serving.
  5. We will start checking chili temperatures at 11:30 am. Once you have been approved you may start serving.
  6. The teams will collect tickets tasting tickets. Container will be provided. The public will also be given a vote ticket. The winners will be determined by the vote tickets. You must turn in both tickets to be eligible to win.
  7. We will provide sample cups and spoons. 
  8. SCA chili turn in will be 5 (1) ounce sample cups and one (4) ounce cup for presentation. The cups will then be submitted in a 9x9 foam box. You may only garnish the 4 ounce cup. This is the only part that will be judged on appearance and it must all fit in a 9x9 box with the lid closed.