I'll Never Forget THis Day-A Sad BBQ Story

Everyone has their own story about the day, 9/11, when it felt like the world has stopped.  If you were close that moment you will never forget.

That day I was getting fweling up to do visit one of my construction sites. The site was directly across the river from lower Manhattan.  The gas jokey said "did you here a small plane hit one of the World Trade Centers"? I hadn't.

When I pull up to to the site where my crew was working they were in a panic.  In plain view we witnessed the first planes damage to tower 1.  The site we were working at was a major oil company.

I went to a meeting and after coming out of the meeting the second plane already had impacted, at that point everyone I was with realized this was not a random accident but an attack.  The facitity went into "lock down" protecting the oil reserves and docking facility.  With clear view across the river the site was surreal. The facilty required all contract labor off site.

I always felt that my town of Westfield, NJ is a bedroom community to new York City.  So much so that almost everyone on my street worked in lower Manhattan.  Most worked in the Wall Street area, Tribeca and executives and lawyers in the "City".  At that time I didn't have any projects in the City or the boros.