New Arrivals

New Arrivals


Yoder 640s

We just got in a load of Yoder 640s.  It was a long time coming but they finally arrived.  The improvements on the  "s" series are Yoder's new WiFi controller and new ceramic ignitor.  The rest of the great components on the original 640 remain.


Fogo Premium & Super Premium 

If you are looking for a superior lump charcoal, Fogo is hard to beat.  This charcoal is pure oak and cut symmetrically for a nice even cook, long burn time and no more rocks, nails, concrete mixed in like other brands. 

Premium are hand sized chunks where as the Super are large chunks for long cooks.

All charcoal is not equal


Smoking Wood

We just got in a whole load of beautiful smoking wood.  Cherry, pecan & hickory in 16" splits, perfectly seasoned and the moisture content is at the optimum level. 

We also have 8"-9" mini splits in hickory, pecan, apple & cherry.


Tillman's Barbecue Sauces

These sauces are a must try.  When we received our samples the staff was extremely impressed.  Flavorful and well balanced.  Blend them or used separately, they will really accent your "Q".




Meat Church Honey Bacon

In true Meat Church style, this seasoning is fantastic.  We cooked a sample rack of ribs with Southern Q's pitmaster Mat Griner last week and we knew we had to bring this seasoning in. Come and taste.  You be the judge.


Heath Riles Seasonings and Sauce

These seasonings and sauce are true competition pitmaster quality.  As the professional cook would say "that's money" .  Come in and give them a try.


Bison Airlighter

This portable rapid firestarter will make life very simple when you need to light charcoal or wood fires.  Be ready to cook in minutes.  Use for charcoal grills, fireplace, camping etc.  Quick, Easy & Simple

$ 49.95 to $ 79.95

R & V Works Cajun Express Smoker

This smoker is built like a brick sh_t house.  Made of heavy, and I mean HEAVY duty carbon steel. It is truly made to last.  But the best thing is, it will cook baby back ribs in 45 mins., 15# turkey 1 hr., 9# brisket 2 hrs., & the list goes on!!


Myron Mixon Sauces & Seasonings

Finally we have been able to get the sauces and seasonings from the "Winningest Man In BBQ"

PK Grills 

Whether your looking for the traditional PK that has been around since the 50's or the new 360 we have them

The Mixon's Are Back!!

G-33-G 20-MMS 48-MMS 48

Used BX 25

!!!!Three Fantastic Products Arrived!!!!

Myron Mixon Smokers Are Back In Stock!!!

The Myron Mixon line of has really caught on both in the Competition scene and the Backyard.  If you are looking for a high end quality built smoker you need to take a look at these.

We have both the G and H2O Flat Racks in stock.


Sweet Swine "O" Mine Products

Sweet Brine O Mine

Use as a Brine or injection for pork and chicken

Sweet Rub O Mine

Use as an All Purpose Seasoning for most meats and vegetables

!!!!Two Fantastic Products Arrived!!!!

Big Poppa Smokers

Pork Injection


Big Poppa Smokers

Beef Injection

!!!!Just Arrived!!!

BBQ'ers Delight Pellets

Hickory, Cherry, Pecan, Peach, Jack Daniels, Apple

!!!!Just Arrived!!!

A-MaZe-N Smoke Products

A-Maze-N Smoker Maze

!!!!Just Arrived!!!

Historic Barbecue

Sweet Zing Sauce

Historic Sweet Zing is a unique Legendary Blend of secret ingredients that starts off sweet, delivers a hint of fruitiness, and finishes with a surprising little kick… a zing for your taste buds.

!!!!Just Arrived!!!

Craigs Rib Candy

Apple N' Brown Sugar Habnero

This has all the great qualities of Craig's products with the unique Apple & Brown Sugar flavor with a slight "back end kick".

$ 12.99/Bottle


Craig's BBQ Sauce

WOW!!  This is one incredible sauce.  It is already one of staff's favorite.  Too bad we only order a small quantity to sample.  This stuff is good on anything including drinking right out of the bottle.

$ 7.99/Bottle


Brisket & Pork Injection In a Bottle

Butcher has done it again!  Two of their great injections all bottled up so to eliminate any mixing.  Just shake the bottle open and go to "town".

$ 7.99/Bottle


Just Arrived!!

GrillEye Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

Grill to  perfection without worrying about the number of guests. GrillEye allows you to track easily the temperature of up to 6 different temperature probes simultaneously up to 100 meters away.

Regular $ 94.99

Now $ 89.99

Just Arrived!!

R&V Work Fryers

We are very excited to be a dealer for R&V Works.  Built like a battle ship, these fryers are the best on the market.  Sizes range from 2.5  gal. up to 17 gal. units.  Heavy duty steel along with a commercial grade burner and design makes these hard to beat and they are made right here in the good old USA.  We also sell their griddles, smokers, grills and boilers.

Just Arrived!!

Big Poppa Smoker Products

We have been debating bringing these products in for awhile but were really convinced when Big Poppa sent us free samples.  Boy, these products are outrageously good whether you are cooking in the backyard or in competition barbecue.  Come over and have a taste!



Just Arrived!!

Butcher Barbecue Products

These fine products from Butcher Barbecue have arrived.  All of them are  superior and have been flying off the shelf.  No need to worry, more are on the way.  Come in and take a taste.

Just Arrived!!

Swamp Boys Sauces and Seasoning

BBQ products from one of the top rated teams in professional barbecue.  Use the products that has put Rub Bagby in the winner circle countless times.  That's good enough for us!


Just Arrived!!

Fogo Premium & Super Premium Charcoal

All natural charcoal - 100% oak wood- no scrap wood-burns longer- hotter-little ash.  Whether it is the Premium (for Kamados) or the Super Premium (for Upright and Tank Smokers) the pieces are uniform size.  It is packaged in Rip-proof bags to eliminate the mess of paper bags. Come on over and take a look!! We think you're going to like what you see!

Just Arrived!!

Maverick's Redi Check Remote Smoker Thermometer

Just Arrived!!

Meat Church Gospel and it is the "gospel truth", this stuff is fantastic!!!

It is a perfect all purpose seasoning that can be used with just about anything.  It just came in and it is already flying off the shelf.  Come on by and sample.

Just arrived!  The new BX 100.  Cook loads of meat on this new beauty.  Need to smoke 20 butts, no problem with the new BX 100. 

For some you just cannot get the "stick burner" out of the stick burner guy and this is where the Meadow Creek TS 120 (Tank Smoker) really shines.  Whether you are cooking comp or just love to do big cooks for others the 120 fits the bill.  Come on in and take a look!!


Used Eastern Metal Works Gas Pig Roaster

This large 42" x 60" roaster is made of heavy duty diamond plate.  The roaster is perfect for roasting a 175 to 200 lb. pig easily and simply with the gas option.  It also has two high output burners along with holders for two propane tanks.  The roaster was purchased in 2008.  The owner is selling a few pieces of his large smoker collection.  Offered at $ 1,950.00.



Custom Made Cutting Boards & Chopping Blocks

These are a must see!!!  These beautiful cutting boards and chopping blocks are individually made by a local craftsman.  Each is a work of art.  Chopping blocks are ash and red oak and the boards are made of maple.  If you're looking for a unique gift for that family cook, then come in and take look!!!


Used Jambo Backyard Smoker

Click Here for Details

Used Rockin W Smoker

Click Here for Details

Rib Candy

12 oz This product is the bomb. I mean really this stuff is off the chain. Cooking ribs has never been easier. Finally a pourable, brushable sauce that can be used at any time during the cooking process or just poured over the top after your finished cooking.

$ 12.99/bottle  In store only


Himalayan Salt Block

There are just somethings that are hard to wrap your head around and that was our thoughts when we were presented this block.  Could it be as good as described?  Well we were going to find out. WOW, we cooked on one a half dozen times from beef to pork to seafood.  What a wonderful savory sweet accent this block adds to the food.  You virtually don't have to add any other seasonings.  It is a perfect add on to your outdoor grilling experience.  Price $ 74.99



2014 Meadow Creek SQ 36


The perfect backyard direct flow offset smoker.   This 2014 used SQ 36 is great for cooking 4 butts, 4 large chicken, 2 briskets and 4 racks of ribs.  It is not a toy.  It can cook as good as most reverse flow smokers without laying out a lot of money.  It comes with a charcoal pullout basket, charcoal grilling pan and cover. In mint condition!  Offered at  $ 999.00.  New $ 1,430.00.  A must see!!!!


2012 Backwoods G2 Party

Backwoods Smokers are well know in the barbecue competition circuit for great performance and WINNING. This is a 2012 model with the optional cart for easy handling.  It has a slam latch on the door, Guru adapter and 6 cooking grates.



2014 Stump's Classic

This smoker will not last long. For that matter none of our used equipment does.  This is a 2014 Stump's Classic with upgrades such as slam latch, door handle, cover, large wheels and casters.  Preferred by many competition Pitmasters, Stump's Smokers has built a name in the circuit.  It is being offerred at $ 3,499.00 (new $ 4,999.00).  If you're thinking, to waste any time.  Come on down and take a look. See Pictures


"A Whole Lotta Wood Arrived"!!

We just re-fueled our wood inventory with a fresh load of hickory, apple, cherry, pecan and sugar maple.  Wood perfectly seasoned and ready for smoking.  We have it in just about every size imaginable-split logs, mini splits, large chunks, mini chunks and in bundles, 30# bags, 8# bags or by the pound.  Start the barbecue season off with some fresh wood.  It will really up your "Q".


Holy Smoke BBQ sauce now has a sweet version which has all the characteristics of the original but without the kick.


One of our best selling sauces in now available in gallons.  Holy Smoke has the sweetness of Blues Hog but with a nice light back end kick. Good on the about any meat but especially delicious on chicken and ribs.


New in the Meadow Creek line of BBQ grills and smokers is the PG 26 Charcoal Grill.  Made of 13 gauge steel with a 304 stainless steel cooking grate this grill will give many years of great grilling.  If you are looking for a heavy duty charcoal grill then you might want to take a look at this one.    Price $ 595.00



These fantastic seasoning and sauces are made by the Historic BBQ team from Lebanon, OH and winners of the Smithfield BBQ contest.  They are outstanding and are a testimonial to their numerous wins.  The Black is a perfect blend of high quality pepper with salt and those other spices.  Layer it over one of your favorite rubs or over their Red for chicken, pork and fish.  Use the Black direct to steaks, lamb or anytime you need a little kick or the "peppery" taste.  Red use  on chicken, ribs, pork but as we always say at GrillBilies it's best to layer your seasonings. Use it with one of your other favorites.

We have tasted the Spicy and the Original but have not yet cooked with them so we can't give you a "blow by blow" description.  But, if they are anything like the quality of the Sweet Vinegar, Holy Mackerel! This sauce /dressing is fantastic on your sides such as coleslaw, salads, vegetables, marinating chicken or other foods.  Light and not "in your face", just there.  Perfect! At GrillBillies we feel this is a home run!

Take a close look! Finally we have the 20 oz. Yeti Rambler Lids.  The big demand for these lids are for those that bought the Yeti Lowballs.  If you are a Lowball user like we are these lids come in handy to keep that favorite beverage cold or hot longer than without it.  Stop by soon because we don't expect them to last long.



Drum Smokers
Drum smokers are making a resurgence both on the Pro BBQ Circuit and also in the backyard and there are a few reason for this. 
They're are:
affordable ($ 399.00)
cooks great food
has much more cooking area
will burn for 8 hours
easy to operate
heavy duty fire basket with ash pan, the fire never burns the drums sides or bottom providing long life and preserves the paint






We are excited to announce that GrillBillies has added the Myron Mixon line of smokers.  High quality smokers designed by the "winningest man" in barbecue.  When you see these beasts you'll be amazed at the attention to detail and the "beefinest" of these cookers.  We are honored to be part of the Mixon Smoker family.




The NEW Meadow Creek BX 25 Smoker

Don't need the big beefy BX 50 on the left but still want all its great cooking capabilities, then think seriously about the new BX 25.  Perfect for your backyard with good looks of a true smoker.  The BX 25 will deliver BBQ like you never tasted before.  Set the BX 25 and sit back will it does all the work.  Come in and take a look at this "mighty BBQ wonder".



Carl & Chelle's Steak Seasoning

Want a great steak seasoning?  This is it.  So good, it is used to by the producer in his own restaurant.  It also works very well as the first layer in the GrillBillies' layering combinations.  Taste and you know!



JohnBoy & Billy's, Pork Rub, Chicken Rub and Bake Bean Mix


Yep they're here!! JohnBoy & Billy's Pork and Chicken Rub are as good as their radio show.  Two great seasonings for pork and chicken.  If you love bake beans then this Baked Bean Mix will take yours from great to terrific. It has all the ingredients that a terrific baked bean dish should have.  Stop by and experience it.


Texas Bird Bath Peach Mango (Habanero)

Our customers love the flavor of the Peach Mango.  Now you can have that same delicious flavor with a slight "kick".  Mix it with you favorite barbecue sauce to enhance the flavor profile or just use it as a simple glaze on your favorite meats.  Come on in and take a taste.


GRAIG'S Pepper Jelly Rib Candy


Texas Rib Candy rib sauce was created as a finishing sauce for ribs or finishing glaze.  It is a brushable, pourable sauce that can be applied at almost any step during the cooking process.  It also blends very well with your favorite BBQ sauce. 

Texas Rib Candy is a unique product that can be used on just about any meat.  Choose Peach Mango, Apple and Apple Cherry.



Finally Yeti products are starting to flow again.   We have the 20 oz. Rambler, Colster, Lowball, Roadie, Hopper 20, Hopper 30 and Tundra 65.


Dove BBQ Sauce


15 year old entrepreneur, Noah Dove, the young man behind Dove BBQ Sauce.  Noah has been working on Dove Barbecue Sauce for over 2 years and  has now brought his sauce to market.   GrillBillies is honored to be the first to offer it on our shelves.  With a lot of  hard work, time and money he is fulfilling his dream.  This delicious sauce is great on chicken and pork. Use also as a marinade.

Click to See Noah on TWC News