Test Cook on The Myron Mixon Pellet Grill

We Are Going To Really Put The Myron Mixon Pellet Cooker To The Test This Saturday



Yes, sir, we ordered up a suckling pig to smoke on the Myron Mixon 3600 Pellet Smoker.  Let's put this "bad boy" to the ultimate test.  We've cooked many pigs in the past and just want to see what this pellet cooker can do.  Our expectations are high and for good reason.  This pellet cooker has "great bones".  First off, it can handle a 50# pig with the head on, a WHOLE BUNCH of brisket flats not to say a "crap" lot of ribs. It's double walled construction retains heat and minimizes the amount of pellets needed. 

One of the best designs of the Myron Mixon pellet grill is they all hold full-size catering pans, no matter whether it is the small, medium or large.  It has one of the best drafting systems of a pellet smoker.

Well, stop by and take a look at this great grill in action and speak with the pitmasters that will be evaluating its performance.