270 Smokers: Sumo

270 Smokers

$ 1,665.00 


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Our newest product, the SUMO, is a hybrid of our popular Mighty Mini and Standard smokers. The SUMO has the width of the Standard (enabling you to smoke full packer briskets) and the height and depth of the Mighty Mini (perfect for those who love a more compact smoker). You can smoke 4-6 Boston Butts or 2 large packer briskets or 8 full racks of St. Louis style ribs. The SUMO will typically run >8 hours on one load of lump charcoal (time dependent on load and smoking temperature).
Overall size including latches, handles, and chimney: 25" wide x 36" tall x 23" deep
Shelf size: 4 @ 10.5" x 21"
Weight: 199.5 lbs