Chicken & Pork Class-June 6th, 2020

GrillBillies Barbecue, LLC.

$ 60.00 $ 69.00


GrillBillies BBQ

36 N. Pine St.

Wendell, NC 27591

June 6th

9:00 to 12:30 PM

"A Detailed Look At These Two Meats" 

Chicken--is probably one of the least respected meats.  Everyone claims they know how to cook it and it ends up dry as cardboard or undercooked.  

That's where if you join us we will show you a few easy techniques and recipes to reinstate respect back in your next chicken cook.


Pork---Good one time, OK the next.  What to do?  Let us show you how to get it right every time.  Whether you are cooking on a grill, smoker or in the oven we'll teach you the necessary techniques and you will walk away with a new perspective on pork.  We will also show you a few cuts you may not be aware of.


 "Enjoyed the weekend very much the class was awesome your hospitality was even better learned a lot shared a lot and made some new friends just wanted to tell you thanks!"  D.K 2/2/19

For both types of meat we'll discuss:

Different Cuts

Meat selection




Wood Selection

Cooking Process



Come join us for a fun morning.

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Instructor-George DeMartz, Twisted Pair Pitmaster

Twisted Pair BBQ is based out of Raleigh, NC and has been competing on the KCBS circuit since 2016.  Pitmaster George DeMartz is a former Backyard BBQ competitor on the NC/SC circuit and has won numerous events in the Backyard.  In addition to being a cook, George is also a KCBS Certified BBQ judge and a very well respected Whole Hog cook in NC.  Twisted Pair BBQ cooks on an "Outlaw" direct flow offset smoker as well as a pig cooker fueled by charcoal and wood.  On the KCBS circuit their style of barbecue has earned numerous category wins and a couple of top 10 finishes to date.  Twisted Pair competes primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region and plans to compete in 10-12 contests in NC, SC, GA, VA, and PA in 2019.