Myron Mixon G-20

Myron Mixon Smokers

$ 75.00 

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Master the Pit and experience what everyone else is taking about,  with the Myron Mixon Gravity Feed G-20.  G-20 is one of the only smokers that is a true "set it and forget" with no need to rotate meats. Consistent heat from top to bottom, side to side.

      • Description

        The G-20 was designed with the Professional Pitmaster and the Backyard Pro in mind.  With up to 20 sq. ft. of cooking capacity it can easily handle the volume of meats one needs to cook at a competition or large backyard parties.

      • Features:

        • 100% Fully Insulated
        • Stainless Steel Hardware
        • Stainless Steel Charcoal Chute
        • Double Sealed Fire Door
        • Round Charcoal Chute
        • Stainless Steel Cook Chamber
        • Nickel Chrome Plated Racks
        • Removable Water Pan
        • Integrated Wire Port
        • 1" Drain
        • 1 1/2" Ball Valve for Fan System
        • Dampered Stack
      • Specification:

        Overall Dimensions 72"Hx46"Dx35.5"W
        Cook Chamber Dimensions 37"Hx24"Dx15"W
        Cooking Capacity up to 20 sq. ft.
        Cooking Racks (6) 23"Dx14.5"W
        Weight 500 lbs
      • Burn Time up to 24 hours
      • Charcoal   20 lbs.