Chili Cook off-GrillBillies 1st Annual

GrillBillies Barbecue, LLC.

$ 50.00 


Saturday 10/20/18

12:00 PM



"Note-we learned from our last event, the teams will be spread out to eliminate long lines"

Either Join To Compete Or Just Come Out To Taste Some Great Chili!



36 N. Pine St., Wendell, NC 27591
Entry Fee $ 50.00/Team

Show the public what a great cook you are.  Compete in our peoples Choice Chili Contest and to sweetened the pot the Mayor's Choice.  Two contest in one!!! 

This event will be held at the GrillBillies Wendell Store and should be well attended. The judging public will be given one ticket each to vote. There will be "No stuffing the ballot box". The Mayor of Wendell will choose the winners of the Mayor's Choice. So, if you are that guy or gal whom everyone says "you cook the best chili in town" then come out and show your stuff..

Here are the winnings:

Peoples Choice

1st Place $ 350.00
2nd Place $ 200.00 
3rd Place $ 100.00
4th Place $  75.00
5th Place $  50.00
6th Place $ 50.00 GB Gift Card
7th-10th Place $  25.00 GB Gift Card

Mayor's Choice

1st Place Drum Smoker
2nd Place $ 50.00
3rd Place $ 25.00
All winners will be placed on the GrillBillies "BBQ Wall of Fame"
Here's how it works:
Teams can arrive any time after 7:00 AM  . 
Peoples and Mayor's Choice starts at 12:00 PM 
Ticket turn in 4:00 PM
Winners announced 4:30 PM
10' x 10' spot per team
There is no limit on the amount of chili you cook
NO TRAILERS-(OK for delivery, area to park offsite)
No Electric Available
Teams are responsible for collecting and turning in tickets to the GrillBillies Rep at the conclusion
GrillBillies will supply:
 2 oz. sample serving cups.
Bathroom Facilities


Besides Your Email We Need Your Phone Number

(Note: This event is also open to the public.  Come out and taste all the different chili's and speak with the cooks. Watch the madness of competition cooking.  This will be a fun day)