Meadow Creek: PR 60

Meadow Creek Welding

$ 1,075.00 


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    • Description

      The Meadow Creek PR 60 is one of our best sellers. Priced at only $ 1,025.00 it is perfect for the beginner smoker up to the skilled backyard pro. Besides smoking with this 5' roaster you can also roast and grill with the optional grilling pan. It is a charcoal fired roaster that with the addition of wood chunks will also do a fine job smoking. Cooking great pigs up to 160 lbs. it also will smoke or roast almost any meats such as butts, briskets, ribs, chickens, turkeys, sausage just about anything. Throw in the grilling pan and cook up a whole lot of burgers, dogs, and wings. For the price you can't beat the PR 60.

    • Standard Features:

      • Stainless Grates
      • Grease Drip Pan
      • 13” Tire
      • Charcoal Vent
      • Thermometer
    • Specification:

      Overall Dimensions 44”H x 68”L x 33”W
      Grate Dimensions 24” x 58” Stainless Steel
      Net Weight: 350 lbs.
      Shipping Weight 400 lbs.
      Metal Thickness 13 Gauge
    • Options:

      • Vinyl Cover
      • Charcoal Pull Out, 11 Gauge
      • 2 Tier Grate 8” High
      • Doors in Lid

      Replacement Parts:

      • Spare Tire
      • Replacement Thermometer